Bangkok Accounting Package

Bangkok Accounting Starter

Bangkok Accounting Package

This is our Bangkok Accounting Package. It does cover all your basic neededs if you are new to paying taxes in Thailand. Our monthly accounting starter package does include all standard relevant monthly tax submission and calculation and filing of your accounts to match Thai accounting standards and being able to renew your work permit and visa.

Our basic services do include

  • Withholding tax and VAT submissions
  • Preparation of internal accounting vouchers
  • Social Security Fund payments
  • Tax Consulting

This service does only handle the monthly needs and does not include such things as

  • Annual Audit
  • Half Year Report
  • Workmen Compensation Fund
  • Yearly Personal Income Tax Report
  • Withholding Tax Summary Report

Which need to be filed on top as the fees are strongly depending on transactions and additional documentation.

At this service there are several items which will be feed in addition on a required per case base. If you would like to see a more complete service please do look at our bookkeeping section.

Let us start to work with you today and if you do have any more questions or would like to obtain your best fee quotation for our accounting service please do not hesitate to contact our external accountants.