Annual Audit in Thailand

Annual Audits are an important part of doing business in Thailand as they will be required from several government agencies in order to renew i.e. your visa and work permit. We do match all standards that need to be fulfilled in order to make it possible to renew your visa and work permit. We do provide Annual Audits for companies all over Thailand compiled by our external licensed CPAs.

An Annual Audit in Thailand can be time consuming and troublesome to understand for someone not trained in the art of accounting. Our external licensed Thai CPA’s can undertake audits for all legal formations in Thailand.  Each legal formation in Thailand must undertake a closing of books for each financial year. We do provide a comprehensive auditing service that provides a clear framework to ensure your audit with minimal disruption of your ongoing activities.

The end result of your audit will be a balanced set of books, trial balance and confirmation from the relevant departments that your business is free to continue. It also ensures you will have no related problem with your visa and work permit prior to the next renewal. An audit is required even your company had no business transaction in the past year.

We do offer a competitive pricing, which will be based on the amount of paperwork accumulated over the year. As such, it may fluctuate from year to year based on the activities of your legal formation.

If you do have any question or would like to obtain your best fee quote for this service please do not hesitate to contact us.