Company Secretary in Bangkok

We do provide a comprehensive Secretarial Service in Bangkok to ensure that you do comply with the reporting and disclosure requirements required by the Thai government and as required by the Thai Civil and Commercial Code and or your shareholder agreement.

This service does include keeping and maintaining your share book and sharing certificates in order to comply with government regulations.

We do offer a competitive pricing, which will be based on the amount of paperwork accumulated over the year.

As such, it may fluctuate from year to year based on the activities of your legal formation.

Let us handle the burden of administration for your company that you can focus what is important with our Company Secretary in Bangkok.

Even operating your business with does sound rather simple there are several administration tasks that can take away a lot of time from what is really important. Bangkok Practice understands that the most important thing is that you do have the time and can focus on driving and growing your business in Bangkok. Bangkok Practice would like to partner with your business.

For a personalized and accurate quote please kindly contact us.